January 26, 2015

Yes! The 2015 season has begun and (hopefully) in shops near you.  Most capital cities in Australia carry the fruit (except WA and the Territory), so ask at your local fruit and veg shop or supermarket.  Fruit is also being sent overseas and we’re looking forward to some European and Asian Achacha lovers having a … Read More >>

The systems approach

December 30, 2014

As we continue our transition to biological growing using many biodynamics methods we are happy to report that our whole team is very happy to be working in a healthy environment. We continue to add more and more of our own on-farm-made inputs and our trees are looking very happy too. Biodynamics is about treating the … Read More >>

Pick a winner! 

November 29, 2014

Predictions should be left to oracles, gamblers and astrologers.  The Achacha is certainly on its way, however we are not sure about the exact date.  We guess that early January might be the time as we normally follow the mango season, which is much later than usual this year and looks like continuing into Janaury. … Read More >>

Helping hands

October 30, 2014

Palm Creek Plantation is going through a transition to bio-dynamic agriculture.  There have been few precedents to follow given we have a new fruit, being grown on a relatively large scale, in the tropics. We are constantly trialling new techniques and new ideas.  This means we welcome all the help we can get and luckily the biodynamic … Read More >>

Flowers, flowers, flowers

September 30, 2014

The Achacha are self-pollinating and thus do not depend on insects or animals to do this kind of work.  Regardless, from September to November the trees are awash in flowers which attract all sorts of creatures.  The bees have taken to the Achacha blossom with gusto and the honey flavour itself is quite particular – … Read More >>

Bees arrive

August 31, 2014

Flowering starts and here come the bees – 40 triple hives this year. We place them in a central area where they are surrounded by Achacha trees, and are no more than 1.5km from the most distant tree. They fly up to two kilometres looking for pollen so we simplify their travel. And another visitor … Read More >>

Palm Creek Festival 

June 29, 2014

The plantation is located directly opposite Mountainview Eco Camp – site of the annual Palm Creek Festival of Music. With over 2,500 happy campers and a variety of top-class performers, this is a major event in the district, and sells out in a couple of days. With the fruit out of season, we have a … Read More >>

Friends for the Achachas

May 29, 2014

At Palm Creek Plantation we are planting other trees to complement the Achachas.  We have some mature coconut trees and are now trialling different varieties of dwarf ones, in spots that were hit by Cyclone Yasi. We are also increasing the variety of tropical fruits which we grow. We have a small number of pawpaws, soursop, … Read More >>


July 30, 2014

With cold weather in the south, who wouldn’t want to have some time on a working farm in the sunny north? Friends and rellies arrive and help with the day to day work, and enjoy the use of our quad bikes.    

Our Creek

March 30, 2014

Palm Creek cuts through the middle of the property and contains a variety of fauna and flora which we feel improves the plantation – except for the feral pigs which we don’t encourage! This biodiversity includes birdlife. A couple of members of a Townsville bird group popped into the plantation and counted some 27 varieties of … Read More >>