Achacha Tart (Rose Adam – Masterchef)

Pastry: 125g plain flour 125g butter 3 tbsp coffee flour 1 tbsp caster sugar 1 egg yolk 2 tbsp water   Curd: 6 egg yolks 3 tsp flour Zest of 3 achacha 135g sugar 135g butter   Ant Praline: 1 tbsp sugar ants 1/4 cup caster sugar   Filling: 300ml cream 2 tbsp caster sugar … Read More >>

Ali Cha Cha

40 mls Vodka (Wyborowa) 10 mls Cointreau 20 mls Fresh Lemon Juice 20 mls Achacha Infused Sugar Syrup 1 achacha whole, peeled and seed removed Dash Grapefruit Bitters Muddle Achacha flesh with rest of ingredients. Add ice and shake. Pour mix into a rocks glass. Garnish with slithers of Achacha skin and serve.

Achacha Thirst Quencher

2 strained skin infusion mint or ginger   Use as much skin infusion as required, add according to your taste, a combination of the following: Sugar syrup or stevia or honey or coconut sugar, to balance the sweet/astringent taste. Also add mint, fresh sliced or grated ginger, lemon slices or mineral water. Drink through the day. … Read More >>

Achacha Granita

4 cups Achacha skin infusion 1⁄2 cup Achacha pulp 1⁄2 teaspoon powdered ginger 1⁄2 sugar syrup Blend strained skin infusion, pulp and ginger powder and strain. Add sugar syrup. Place in shallow metal cake tin. After 3⁄4 hour fork the frozen parts into the more liquid parts. Repeat this every 30 minutes until the Granita … Read More >>

Achacha Skin Infusion

Soaked Skins 6-8 skins only per Litre 1-2 litres of water Sugar Syrup 1 Caster sugar 1 cup Water – Skin Infusion Save Achacha skins after eating the white pulp. Fill a jug with 1 litre of water (make more but using same proportions – 6-8 skins per litre). Crunch skins into the water and … Read More >>

Achacha Granita with Natural Oysters

1 teaspoon Achacha Granita Make the Achacha Granita and place a generous teaspoon on oysters and serve immediately. Many thanks to the staff at the Tank Restaurant, Brisbane.